Doritos Walking Tacos  Easy and Mess Free!  Fill these Doritos bags with all of your favorite taco toppings and dig in!

QUICK GLANCE AT INGREDIENTS FOR DORITOS WALKING TACOS: – ground burger – taco seasoning – water – Taco Toppings* – individual bags Nacho Cheese Doritos or Ranch Doritos

TOPPING IDEAS FOR DORITOS WALKING TACOS: – Beef – Cheese – Diced Tomatoes – Black Beans – Lettuce – Sour Cream – Mexican Rice

Cook beef according to recipe below. Pick your chips

Open bag of Doritos and fold own edges of bag.

Slightly crush bag of chips with hand.

Add beef on top of chips.

Add other toppings like: Mexican rice, beans, lettuce and diced tomatoes

Top with sour cream and more cheese.